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Bonsai Grow Light Solutions

Our All Purpose 150 watt grow lights are an excellent choice for indoor growing and supplementing the sun your plants may require - but may not otherwise get. These light kits are terrific because just about everything you need is right in the box! The fixture, the light bulb, the standard (7 foot grounded) electric plug, the hangers, and even a built in backlit on/off switch. Just hang it up with durable thin chains or wire you supply and turn it on. Even better, get our Sun Lifts at the same time and you will have everything including the slick means of raising and lowering your system as needed. The entire unit weighs just 9 pounds.

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Called the Sun System for good reason, it produces 16,000 lumens of light from its 150 watt high intensity sodium bulb. Replacement bulbs are available and as discussed above, you may be interested in the clever Sun Lift Adjustable Hangers which allow the unit to be raised and lowered with these tension adjustable units available by the pair. This allows for raising the Sun System out of the way when working on your plants and also easily incrementally raising the system as plants grow taller. You simply gently lift the fixture or press it down from the top and the unit floats up or down on the built in lines attached to and supporting your unit from above.

Some common considerations have to do with heat, and how close the light should be to the plants. Generally speaking the rule of thumb is to place the light above the plants to the point where the back of your hand over the tops of the plants is not uncomfortably warm. That would typically be from 12" to 24" above your plants with this System. Another frequent question is regarding how large direct coverage will be. While the light will travel over a fairly wide area, each of these Sun Systems will directly cover approximately a 2' x 2' space, or roughly the size of our largest humidity trays. The kind of light this System produces is in the natural red/orange spectrum making it a good multi-purpose light. If used every day for 16 hours a day most horticulturists would recommend replacing the bulb after about a year as it would have approximately 6000 hours of use and would begin to lose its "sun power". Replacement bulbs are available for less than $25. This is a terrific system, easy to use, economical, well built, and effective. It looks great too!

Energy efficiency is not a problem as the energy it uses is comparable to using a kitchen appliance. If you have no natural light you would run the Sun System 12 hours per day. If you are supplementing natural light you will of course adjust the length of time you run the Sun System accordingly. Amazingly, a standard 150 Watt bulb produces about 2850 lumens while the bulb in the Sun System produces 16,000. Now, in the winter months, you can even grow those container plants you have on the deck or patio during the summer all year long. Orchids needing more and predictable light will thrive for you. Those plants that refuse to bloom because they want more light? Problem solved! The results are really spectacular. This kind of lighting used to be only available for commercial greenhouses, but now you can get it right in your home or greenhouse.

High Intensity Discharge light systems like this Sun System have revolutionized indoor gardening. They are the most energy efficient grow lights available so they produce much more light for the amount of energy consumed.

The Sun System carries a 2 Year Warranty.

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